What sets us apart

Extensive brand portfolio: We have an impressive roster of 25 brands. Each brand is true to its DNA product and reflects its own uniquely authentic values. We also have an evolving private label business with new product launches and cross divisional collaborations across various demographics.

Diverse product categories: With an extensive collection of product categories at differing price points, we have become a one stop shop for our clients. We have strategically cultivated diverse brand and product category portfolios to offer high-quality, price sensitive lines that cater to all channels of the retail market.

All genders: We don’t just cater to men or women, boys or girls. We cater to all ages and genders offering a curated selection of products that will be sure to enhance and accent each individual's unique style and personality. We are confident that we have something to fit every want, need, and impulse buy.

Global infrastructure: Our headquarters are in New York City where we have over 23 showrooms. For speed to market, we have eight distribution centers; two distribution centers on the West Coast and six distribution centers on the East Coast, each specializing in particular functions or product category. We have dedicated teams for logistics and supply chain management both in the US and overseas and we have established our business around strategic relationships with world-class partners. We have also built out systems that ensure seamless and real-time communication between ourselves and our customers, production partners, logistics partners, and distribution partners.

Dedicated resources overseas: For over 20 years we have had dedicated resources in four provinces in China. This ensures that we can be in constant communication with our factories, securing and maintaining competitive pricing and high quality. They are also responsible for material procurement, production, sample development and more. With these offices, we can also be sure that we are supporting businesses that are ethically and socially compliant in all areas. We make sure that working environments are non-discriminative and of good quality, business behavior is appropriate, health and safety is prioritized, and that we remain aligned with our commitment to environmental protection.

Cutting edge technology: We are proud to be a technology-driven company. Over the past decade Gina has invested a significant amount into custom developed software built around the concepts we have learned through multiple generations of experience. This allows us to provide meaningful, actionable business analytics that help us support and inform our customers. We work with world class partners to harness technology and optimize everything we do. We run on cutting edge technologies to assure that our designs, supply chain solutions, communications, and ERP systems are state of the art. These systems are robust and flexible which give us the ability to adapt to a fast changing business and retail landscape, maximizing end-to-end efficiencies and ensuring that value and quality is always delivered in the end-product.

Product design: Our 30 in-house designers are always on trend, always thinking outside the box, and always using their creativity in a plethora of ways. These team members each work for a specific division, and truly live and breathe their specialty. They have years of industry insight and market knowledge, and are always creating the most current and innovative products on the market.

Ecommerce and dropshipping: Our Ecomm and dropshipping businesses are in operation for almost 10 years, and we are happy to be able to offer many of our products online through retail partners.